We invite you to listen to a fragment from the final concert of the 12th International Mozartiana Festival 2017.

W.A.Mozart - Regina coeli C-dur KV 108/74d
Performed by:
Polski Chór Kameralny
Jan Łukaszewski - conductor
Andrzej Solczak - recording produced
Małgorzata Jonczyk - photos
2Pi Group - film editor
Over time, there were more and more Marian holidays and songs. They were still being written in Mozart’s time, but in a completely different style than in the times of the heyday of plainsong, as evidenced by “Regina Coeli, The Queen of Heaven,” composed in May 1771. The song is an antiphon, i.e. a prayer sung in a call and response manner by the choir and a female soloist. The choir is a setting for the soloist; the orchestra, a discreet background. You can feel as if it were an Italian opera, because the showcase of the coloratura soprano, for which the 15-year-old Mozart composed two arias, is certainly the most important feature of this concert antiphon.