Our record Musica Sacromontana XIV has been nominated for a Fryderyk 2020 award in the category: oratory and opera/classical music album of the year.

The record’s Missa ex D by Józef Zeidler (ca. 1744–1806) is for four vocal parts (SATB), two violins, two trumpets and organ. In it, Zeidler presents very sound compositional skills, full of diverse musical effects.

The Gniezno music collection has two compositions by Antoni Habel (1760-1831) , including one symphony. The Symphony in D major was written for two violins, viola, two flutes, two horns and basso continuo. In the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth of the time, the main role in spreading symphonies was played by church centres and the ensembles playing there. They accompanied church services. Therefore, they were a type of local church symphony that, nevertheless, was inspired by European models. Habel’s symphony is an example of this.

The MUSICA SACROMONTANA Festival serves to continue the aims of the Congregation of the Oratorian Fathers who wanted to evangelise through broadly understood spreading of culture. It was thanks to their efforts that an esteemed ensemble was formed in Gostyń already in the 17th century, and the most distinguished composers would travel there.

The record is dedicated to the Congregation of the Oratory in commemoration of the hundredth anniversary of their return to the Basilica of the Holy Mountain (Świętą Góra) (1919-2019)