We are happy to announce that Jan Łukaszewski, the Director of the Polish Chamber Choir, received the prestigious Award for the Promotion of Polish Contemporary Music from the Management of the ZAiKS Polish Society of Authors and Composers.

The Award was established by the ZAiKS Management on a proposal of its Art Music Section. It is given to those who help to broadly promote Polish contemporary music both through its performance at festivals and concerts, and by publishing papers and articles on it. The award may go to festival organisers, concert promoters, conductors, musicians, journalists, musicologists and music theorists. The award is presented annually since 2006.

This award is all the more valuable for us because it is the first time that it has been given to a musician who focuses on choir music! It is certainly not insignificant that the Polish Chamber Choir, directed for 37 years by Jan Łukaszewski, has an impressive number of almost 700 premieres to its name. It is worth emphasising that these are first and foremost pieces by Polish composers. 

Previous recipients of the Award for the Promotion of Polish Contemporary Music include Stanisław Moryto, Marian Borkowski, Joanna Wnuk-Nazarowa and Agnieszka Duczmal.

Sincere congratulations, Director!