Year of release: 2017
Medium: CD
Label: Warner Classic
Performers: Polish Chamber Choir | Jan Łukaszewski - conductor

On 9 June 2017 came the release of a very special album that not only soothes the senses, but also provokes a deeper spiritual reflection and provides repose from the never-ending race of our daily lives. Motets by Paweł Łukaszewski, winner of many awards for his music and its recordings, contains the composer’s original compositions performed by the Polish Chamber Choir conducted by Jan Łukaszewski.

 “Łukaszewski’s goal is to create art that would simultaneously draw upon the achievements of contemporary music and is deeply rooted in the music of the past,” says Ewa Szczecińska, musicologist, critic and journalist at the Music Section of Polish Radio Two.

Indeed this music is strongly inspired by tradition, although there is no denying that it is fresh and genuine. Stephen Layton, the director of the Choir of Trinity College, Cambridge, the Polyphony and the Holst Singers, to whom one of the pieces on the album is dedicated, has praised the Polish composer’s oeuvre for its spiritual intensity, diversity of sound colour and sophistication, even comparing Łukaszewski’s work to the legacy of Henryk Górecki and Arvo Pärt, composers known for their emblematic style and universal message expressed in intimate but emotionally powerful music. 

 “When after a concert people often tell me that my music has moved them–this is the most wonderful review that I can get. . .But I try to be genuine and I don’t want to manipulate anyone’s emotions,” said Paweł Łukaszewski in Presto Music Film Art magazine. “You can tell a good composer by the way he or she can write for the human voice.” 

Experts from abroad emphasise that “it is clear that Polish composer Paweł Łukaszewski belongs to company of titans” (Ronald E. Grimes, Fanfare Magazine, USA).

 There is no question that the art of Paweł Łukaszewski is music that taps into deep wells of human sensitivity, which we can easily lose in our everyday rush, writes Emilia Dudkiewicz in her review of the album. And though it was conceived through the composer’s profound spiritual experiences, it can in fact be an antidote for the negative emotions which sometimes accumulate in us, and which we cannot quell by ourselves. The Motets are like the light of dawn, like caramel melting in the mouth, like petals of a rose in bloom–or like the calm breath of a child that can finally dry its tears, full of wonderful joy. For some this music is a feast of sound and a source of comfort. For others – it is a spiritual journey. It inspires profound reflection and “helps us explore the true meaning of the world, and of ourselves” (Emilia Dudkiewicz).




1. Motette (2011) Carus Verlag, Germany 7:01 *
2. Adoramus te, Christe (2014), Pana Musica, Japan 3:06 *
3. Pater noster (2014), Pana Musica, Japan 3:25 *
4. Psalmus 120 (2008), PWM Edition 2:46
5. Beatus vir, Sanctus Adalbertus (1997), PWM Edition 2:17
6. Nunc dimittis (2007), Chester Music, UK 4:47
7. Beatus vir, Sanctus Martinus (1996), Chester Music, UK 3:19
8. Psalmus 129 (2008), PWM Edition 3:00
9. Ave Maria (1992), Chester Music, UK 4:12
10. Ave Maris Stella (2003) 3:00 *
11. Regina caeli (2014), Pana Musica, Japan 2:44 *
12. Alleluia (2014), Walton, USA 2:13 *
13-17.Pięć żałobnych pieśni kurpiowskich / Five funeral Kurpian songs (2009) PWM Edition 15:33
18. Adventgebet (2003) 4:16 *


* world premiere recording