Year of release: 2013
Medium: CD
Label: DUX
Number: 0995
Performers: Polish Chamber Choir 
Jan Łukaszewski – conductor.

Polish Phonographic Academy Fryderyk 2014 Award for best Polish music recording.

1. Libera Me I (2005)

2. Mater Mea (1982) lyrics: Krzysztof Kamil Baczyński

3. Lux (2010)

4. Kołysanka I * Lullaby I (1970)

5. Regina Caelli (1995)

6. Kolęda II Bóg przyszedł na świat

Christmas Carol II God came to the World (2010)

Lyrics: Anna Bernat, Jan Węcowski

7. Ave * Alleluia * Amen (2000)

8. Adoramus (1991)

9. Kolęda I Aby miłość stała się

Christmas Carol I Love Incarnate (1995)

Lyrics: Anna Bernat, Jan Węcowski

10. Gloria II (2012)

11. Kołysanka II * Lullaby II

12. Pater Noster (2011)

13.Sanctus (2009)

Marian Borkowski: composer, musicologist, pianist, educator, music promoter and organiser.

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Marian Borkowski at the Polmic website
The Composer’s website:
Marian Borkowski’s website

Muzyka chóralna Mariana Borkowskiego
Marian Borkowski’s choral music
For the first time in phonographic history, this record documents all of Marian Borkowski’s works for a cappella mixed choir performed by one of the world’s best vocal ensembles: the Polish Chamber Choir conducted by Jan Łukaszewski. The release of this record commemorates a double anniversary: Professor Marian Borkowski’s 55th year of his musical career and the 45th anniversary of his work as an educator. The record has also been released on the year of the ensembles 35th anniversary . . .

The composer wrote choral works over his entire career. However, his interest in this genre has grown in recent years. Most of the compositions refer to the sacred by using lyrics that deal with religious topics, adages or selected words. Professor Borkowski’s understanding of the sacred is very broad; he relates it not only to Christianity, he treats it as a universal human and humanist value that transcends time, nationality and religion. In this context he writes his vocal and vocal-instrumental pieces in which the lyrics take centre stage . . .

The compositions on this record have a number of distinct features. The most important of them, which are the most important to Marian Borkowski and which resonate in his entire oeuvre, is a sense of order, beauty and expression conveyed in a Romantic manner. Not only are Romantic composers close to his heart, but also Romanticism as an idea.
(Marcin Tadeusz Łukaszewski, excerpt from the record’s liner notes)